Welcome to TRAVEL DIARY, a feature where we talk about a certain place of interest for your travel. For this first edition, we are going to the state capital of the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia.

The weekend is about to come, and you received a bonus for all of your hard work. This looks like a perfect opportunity for a little getaway from your hectic city life. You want to travel to new places that you have never been to before and experience the culture or scenery. For some people, Pahang looks like the perfect getaway spot for self-revitalization. However, for those people who are not interested in the wildlife habitat of Endau-Rompin National Park or the showcase of Pahang's Royal family at the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum in Pekan, don't fret as there is another place in Pahang that you can go.

Aerial view of Kuantan in Pahang. Photo by Yie JH via Shutterstock.
Photo by Yie JH via Shutterstock.

Welcome to Kuantan, the state capital of the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. In a city with more than 500,000 residents, it is easy to get your eyes seduced by the scenery. From the breathtakingly beautiful sunny beaches to delectable hawker stalls and famous restaurants on the busy streets, there is a lot to offer from this modest-looking city. With that in mind, we nominate three places you must go when travelling to Kuantan.

    • Teluk Cempedak

    Teluk Cempedak

    If you want to feel the breezy winds along the beach trails, then Teluk Cempedak should be on the list. There is a wooden trail connecting to the other side of the beach, so you can continue mesmerizing the beautiful scenery along the way. Eateries shouldn't be a problem here as there are various local and franchise restaurants to select. At night, you can witness some musical performances from local buskers showcasing their talents to the public. If you fancy a luxurious stay facing the beach, Hyatt Regency Resort Kuantan is literally next to it.

    • Kula Cakes

    Kula Cakes

    For true dessert lovers, Kula Cakes is a place not to be missed out! Undoubtedly the best dessert delicacy right in the heart of Kuantan, this is a shop that you wouldn't find elsewhere. In other words, Kula Cakes is a Kuantan-exclusive hidden treat. With scrumptious cakes and crispy cookies to satisfy your sweet tastebuds, you can also enjoy the dining spot's contemporary decoration with the murals and the plants - perfect for some photogenic selfie or wefie moments. Their ever-famous signature dish of Mango Cheesecake is the main reason why people are willing to flock to this little premise with some are even coming from as far as Sabah and Sarawak. Make the best out of your time here because this is the only one.

    • Sungai Lembing

    Sungai Lembing entrance

    Looking for an adventurous getaway while mingling with nature? Then Sungai Lembing would be welcoming you. Sungai Lembing is a one hour drive from Kuantan and waiting for you there is Bukit Panorama, a spot famous for travellers and adventurers to witness the sunrise. Start the hike in the early morning, and you will definitely reap that precious reward. If hiking is not your cup of tea, then you can try out cycling. You can hire a bicycle for a little cycling activity around the historic little town that was once famous for tin mining activity during the British era. There are even local delicacies worth trying out.

    Have you ever been to Kuantan before? Are there any other places worth mentioning? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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