This is a quick editorial about me and my blog after my last post.

We all have our ups and downs in life. They can change our lives for a better or worse way. Sometimes, you are still questioning your life interests and keep trying everything to find that fits your bill. That life interest may not be related to your scope of study or job, but you pursue it because you love it and have a deep passion for it. I'm no exception, as I keep exploring other interests and knowledge.

So, what happened after my last post? Firstly, I'm back on (not to be confused with the .com counterpart). After three years of being away from shared hosting, I decided to subscribe back to it to give more serious attention to my blog. I could have stayed with Blogger and put my custom domain here, but personal hosting gives me more freedom to showcase my work. At the time of this writing, I'm still trying to fix the Permalinks and theme issue that lingers after importing the site from here to, but I'll keep trying to learn to fix it myself without relying on third-party services. After all, it can be a valuable learning curve for me.

Secondly, I have been taking Japanese language classes. Being a cosplayer and a fan of Japanese pop culture, it makes perfect sense for me to have one. Even though I am 30, that won't stop me from learning new things. After all, one of the traits of a successful person is the willingness to learn something new. It's also one of the ways to step out of your comfort zone and be your true self.

Speaking of being a cosplayer, I finally reembraced my cosplay hobby last June during the Youth Festival 2023 event. After five years of doing Pokemon Trainer Red without a proper wig, I finally got the much-needed progress from a hair stylist near my home. Looking back at the photos I took with my Red cosplay, I really couldn't have been much happier. Even though I always prefer to cosplay for the sake of community fun, I never stray away from taking my cosplay hobby seriously.

Let's talk about social life, shall we? In case you have never been aware, I made a Linktree page to showcase all the online social platforms I joined. I don't like sharing multiple platforms separately, so a website like Linktree is helpful as a one-stop centre. I also include the links for my personal life, so you can look at them and follow them if you like.

As for my real-world social life, I had a great holiday with my family at the beginning of June. We went to Zoo Negara, Aquaria KLCC, and KL Tower, and it was a great experience. Since I took A LOT of videos from the holiday trip, it'd be nice to do some quick video editing to showcase it, but that's another story for another day.

I should stop here for the time being. I'll keep working on my new home, so watch out for any incoming posts on Blogger. In the meantime, I hope you are in a pink of health so that you can take care of others and have good fun with your life.

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